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Connect is a community organizing tool created for OFA volunteers, staff, and supporters from across the country. Get talking about the issues you care about and learn how you can take action online and in your community.

In Connect, OFA supporters aren’t just talking about the issuesβ€”they’re acting on them. You can find details about events happening on the ground and how you can join in, share best practices, learn digital organizing skills and help strengthen OFA as an organization.

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    So long times I have to work about this OFA.
    But today just find this information that I have feelings so hot.
    You give to some mission to me that I have to plan.
    This is needs funds to support action.
    How can you please tell me.
    I so headache thistle available me.
    Your so many send email to me but I don't know what can I do.

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    Umberto Cagnazzo

    you're ready for election Michelle Obama into pres US-Gov 2020 . This are my purpose job for Michelle Obama Pres Us 2020

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    Supported Obama thru thick and thin thru sickness persacution and going against my own family.not right to be white.Dont want the Obama's and Tori abondoning me.

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    Elizabeth Bremer

    Hi everyone πŸ€“
    My name is Elizabeth Bremer. I am so thankful for a way for all of us to communicate. Thank you OFA!!!! I was up recently for over 36 hours writing and restling with my own heart to get to the very bottom of what has bothered me about the current administration. It's been heart breaking for all of us and not just American citizens. You know what I mean. But I reached the bottom of my anger to figure out the very most important reason, irrefutable, to me, why I have been so frustrated. I came to what should be an obvious conclusion. However, with all the negative distractions and things impacting all of us, even those who don't even realize it, and maybe never will is this: For me and my husband, Red, it boils down to the American conscience and our individual consciences. Red and I are deeply troubled by the way that the indisputable: reckless, negligent, oppressing, hateful and bullying behavior, Twitter and otherwise, of President Trump has impacted children and young people the world over. This is the root of our anger, Red and I; not to mention all the other obvious facts, not alternative facts that he has managed to obliterate and all the ones he's trying to smash in terms of policy that impacts all of us and even the whole world! 🌎🌏 πŸ™„ When President Trump thinks it's ok to tell another elected official that he believes his tears are fake, to not only distract but to point the blame finger for a situation he created makes me angry. Very angry. This IS righteous anger (PLEASE WAKE UP FOR GOODNESS SAKE) I want very badly to respect our President and I could if he would....you know. I have drawn a hard line! I want to fuel it in a positive direction! How do we explain this to children and young people. We can explain it but it's a tragic that we have been forced to it tell children and young people, regardless, that our President's behavior is morbidly wrong! I hope you are being honest with your small children, teenagers and young adults. It's imperative to our next generations' foundation of integrity; that IS "SAD!!!!!"
    I hope we can all be truly honest and open minded with all communication toward one another, especially our youth. There is nothing off limits in our household with our own children, who are grown now, that we can't discuss and I am grateful for this environment. I know they are grateful. Our legacy is our children and it's strong and beautiful!!! We keep the blame finger at bay! I am holding President Trump accountable and I should because he aspired to be elected and was, in fact, elected (and I do hope he will eventually accepts this for his own sake as well ours); He was elected to the highest office in our land: The President of the "United" States of America! It's a fact!!!! He is my President, too. A position we should all be able to celebrate really. So after all this wrestling with my own heart something wonderful has blossomed. I absolutely will not participate in "draining the swamp," but I will and with all of my might practice willingness to take the necessary actions protect the swamp and to replenish it's integrity. It is for me but not about me and infinity bigger than me. I've shared with Red what has been pressed upon my heart to do for now, anyway. It may expand as "I go up when they go low" and I recognize it for what it is, my Creater and conscience leading me toward and being willing to stand up for all that is good. I'm committed to "do good for goodness sake," even with my imperfections. We haven't always but we did learn to be extremely open minded and supportive our little family. I love Alan Jackson's song, "Little Bity;" It's us. It's our story. I have no idea where this is taking me. I just know it's good because not only is it for me, it's not about me and it's bigger than me; and it's especially for children and young people and all people, regardless. That being said, you are welcome to listen to my podcast in my Twitter feed at ElizabethBrem1
    MAPPTogether My All People Pledge
    Intro MAPPTogether
    Let's be friends πŸŒŽπŸŒπŸ’ž
    The podcast I hope will help you as much as it's helped me as I know in my heart, absolutely, that my life has been changed. I didn't throw my pebble in the pond we all share, I simply let it go, and I hope it's soft deep hearted ripples will touch lives and all life, regardless in a deeply yet tenderly way. I don't have to care, I get to care. I can care because I had a seed of willingness to care; and "Yes we can" all care if we are willing to communicate honestly. I am willing to try because I seek not perfection but human communication which is a lost art, but maybe not forever. I thank all of you and most importantly my Creator for what he is giving to me to share with you. I honestly have never done much writing and now "I'm on Fire" β˜€οΈ I care about me and I care about you and I care about this earth, the place we all, who still are alive and struggling to survive, currently reside. Let's make it a good and decent home. Let's stop complaining and get to work! "ALL ABOURD?!" πŸš‚ Let's chug together and not make excuses. With gratitude, Elizabeth Bremer

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    Felix Yaroshevsky

    I'm trying to unsubscribe. After all rigamarole I get confirmation and "only most important ....."
    This is an outrage and now, after another rigamarole I had to go through in order to be able to write this, I defensively don't want to do anything with this organization. Felix Yaroshevsky M.D.

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    Carla Fox

    How to win over rural red voters:
    If the Democrats-Liberals etx want to win over the hearts and minds of red America I have a suggestion. Instead of asking for more money to fund ads, marketing, and more talking heads. The money should be spent sending some wiz-kids into the heartland and help those red voters negotiate the red tape and bureaucracy that turned them anti-government.

    I live in a rural Oregon. There are many issues here that my rural neighbors face. They do not understand how to fight for their rights, they don't understand the process of government, the internet, where to make impact. They don't have the $$ to hire lawyers to do it for them. They want to fight but because they don't know how, they mostly just complain and get angry.

    We are the educated liberals in this area. And we have been successful in fighting the local government. Our conservative neighbors are turning to us for leadership in helping with their problems. We can't fight for a whole area. We have lives & work that needs our attention. I'd love to see some trained people come into our area to help the neighbors learn how to deal with their problems and solve them! instead of just being frustrated by the enormity of them all.

    This is where money can be spent. Send in people to help the red voters learn how to fight and solve their day to day problems.

    And that is something I will give money too.

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